Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If your query is not addressed below,
please contact us by messaging our social media pages or through using the 'Contact us' page.


If you have queries regarding shipping, click here to check out our shipping page.

For questions about sizing, click here to go to our sizing guides page.


How do I reverse my reversible harness?

 Our reversible harnesses are really simple to use!
 1. Un-clip the two buckles
 2. Slide the horizontal strap out from the vertical strap loop
 3. Push the vertical strap through the D-link and then flip the neckline inside-out
 4. At the base of the harness you will see two clip ends. Flip each clip end upwards and run your hand over the base of the harness to flip the inside strap.
 4. Clip one of the horizontal strap buckles in
 5. Pull the un-buckled side back through the vertical strap loop and clip in


How do I know that the matching bracelet will fit me?

 The bracelet is one-size-fits-all. To ensure that it will fit, check that your wrist is between the measurements 12cm and 25cm. Occasionally someone's measurements fall out of these guidelines. If your size is slightly outside the measurement range, you may choose to add an extra hole.


How can I use a coupon code?

You may have been given access to a coupon code through a sale, one of our AmbassaDOGS, an event or through winning a competition. To use the code, add products to your order and when you checkout there will be a box that says 'Coupon code'. Type the code into the box and press add.

Some coupon codes cannot be used during sale times or on already discounted items.


Do you have any reviews I can look at?

 Check out our all 5-star customer reviews by clicking here to go to the reviews page.


How do I clean the products?

To keep your products in tip-top shape, we recommend wiping them clean with a wet cloth and a small amount of warm, soapy water, and drying them gently with a towel. Putting products in the washing machine is not recommended.
All of our products are made from durable materials and are water resistant. Although all of our products are made from durable materials and are water resistant, we recommend taking them off your pets if they are going to be swimming in the ocean or pool, or bathing.


What payment methods do you accept?

 We accept payments via PayPal, After-Pay (Australia only) and credit card. Credit cards accepted include Mastercard and Visa.


Can I buy the products if I do not live in Australia?

 Absolutely! Pawfect Pals has customers all over the world and have an international shipping free of only $15 (free when you spend over $125). As it is an international purchase, please allow extra shipping time. For more details about shipping internationally, check out our shipping page.


Can I cancel or change my order after it has been placed?

 We endeavour to process and ship all orders within 24-48 hours of when the order is placed. Due to this, it may not be possible to cancel or change the specifics of your order.

If you do wish to cancel or change your order within 24-48 hours of the time your order was placed, please contact us promptly. If the order has not shipped, we will try our best to support your change.


Can you fix any products that have become affected by chewing/wear and tear?

 Unfortunately as our products are not home-made, we are unable to repair any damage caused by chewing or wear and tear.

For safety and care reasons, we do not recommend leaving your dog alone with any items that could be eaten or cause harm.

Pawfect Pals do not assume any responsibilty for any damages or injuries that occur during the misuse of our products.


How can my dog become an AmbassaDOG?

 We love meeting new pups and once every few months we run AmbassaDOG competitions on our social media pages. For your dog to have the opportunity of becoming a Pawfect Pals' AmbassaDOG make sure that you follow Pawfectpalsau on Instagram and Facebook, and keep an eye out for the next comp.


Could you feature my dog on your social media pages?

 Our social media pages are full of gorgeous pups wearing Pawfect Pals' accessories, and we would love to feature yours too! To get your pup featured, make sure that you follow Pawfectpalsau on Instagram and Facebook and tag us in a photo of your dog strutting their stuff in Pawfect Pals' gear. We love featuring as many dogs as we can, but to make sure that you are featured, please ensure that the photo is clear and has a generally clear/simple background.