Our Story

Sometimes life brings you down, but the unconditional love of a dog lifts you back up.

A primary school teacher and a pool-man. Normally, you would not place these people in the dog accessories world, but the animals we love, and have loved, brought us to a place where Pawfect Pals came to be. With the love of our pups Yogi Bear and Lilo, we created Pawfect Pals.

For a time, personal challenges and losing far too many loved ones, both humans and pets, had changed my outlook on the world. I didn’t feel safe and like many others, I had sometimes felt as if my world was crumbling around me.

The one thing I could rely on throughout life’s ups and downs, to support me and to make me feel loved, was my pets. It seems cliché to many to say that my pets are my best friends, but to true animal lovers it makes perfect sense. They somehow know when you’re sad and they take care of you, they make you laugh even when you’re feeling your worst and most importantly they love you unconditionally.

My husband and I created Pawfect Pals because that kind of true, unconditional love is worthy of a celebration. We know that there are so many people out there like us who love their dogs just as much as we love ours and they are who we created Pawfect Pals for.

Since deciding to make our dream a reality in early 2017, each of our products’ designs and creations have been developed with thoughtfulness and care, with the mission of being the dog accessories brand that is different from the rest.

We understand that there are many brands out there, but Pawfect Pals is all about ensuring that the products we create are not only made with beautiful designs and to an incredible standard, but that they are also affordable, because every dog and every friendship deserves to be celebrated.