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  • Beautiful products for beautiful friendships

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  • The comfiest beds ever!

    Like a calming bed, but made for Aussie pups!

Beautiful products that celebrate beautiful friendships

The products we create are different from the rest.
With high-quality gold and rose-gold-plated hardware, and touchable, long-lasting cruelty-free leather,
Pawfect Pals’ products are created with care, thoughtfulness and love so that you and your very best friend
are provided with the best products for the best value prices.


Welcome to the Pawfect Pals' Blogosphere

How are we different?

How is Pawfect Pals different from the other dog accessory brands out there?

Find out what makes us a step above the rest.

Our Story

Get to know the faces and paws behind Pawfect Pals and find out how Pawfect Pals came to be.

Supporting Aussie Wildlife

We have just launched a range of products that feature the beautiful Aussie Koala, so this November we have decided to do what we can to support these animals in a time of need.