Pawfect Pals' Ultimate Dog Accessory Size Guide

Putting together an ensemble of Pawfect Pals pet accessories for your four-legged friend can prove tricky if you don’t know how they'll fit your dog. Never fear though. We’re here to help with the ultimate dog accessory size guide!

Let’s start with the obvious: measuring your dog.

There are only two measurements you’ll need to make sure every Pawfect Pals dog accessory fits your pet.

As you measure each, place two fingers flat between the measuring tape and your dog. The extra space that adds to the measurement not only ensures your dog will feel comfortable in the accessory, but provides additional safety in case they get caught or twisted up, as any excited pup does once in a while!

Dog Accessory Neck Measurement

Neck - Measure the widest part of the base of your dog’s neck.

Dog Accessory Chest Measurement
Chest - Measure around your dog’s body, just behind their front legs.

Got it? Excellent! Now for the hard part: deciding what dog accessories and designs you’re going to buy!

Once that’s sorted, you’ll need to pick a size. All product pages include a size guide, but we’ve put them all together here as well for your convenience.

There are three things to keep in mind as you make your selections:
  1. Collars and harnesses have different measurements. Every dog is different and our size guide reflects that. Your dog may fit a small collar, but that doesn’t mean a small reversible harness will fit. Consider the size guide for each item type individually to avoid disappointment.
  2. Different brands use different sizes. While all Pawfect Pals accessories are designed to the same measurements, sizes change between brands. You may know your puppy wears an XXS collar and XS harness purchased from another company, but that doesn’t mean they’ll need the same size when upgrading to our products. It’s always best to remeasure.
  3. We’re here to help! Still unsure what size accessory is right for your dog? Contact us with the measurements and we’ll recommend the product that’s right for you.

Size guides

Vegan Leather Collars

Collar sizes are measured from first hole to last hole, rather than the entire length of the collar. If your dog is still growing, and can fit two sizes, we recommend always going with the larger option.

Vegan leather dog collar size guide.

Reversible Harnesses

As with the collars, if your growing dog fits two sizes of reversible harness, pick the larger size.

Reversible dog harness size guide.

No-Pull Adjustable Harnesses

No-pull adjustable dog harness size guide.


We offer two types of dog bed - the round-style Cuddle Bud Dog Bed and rectangular Snuggle Bud Dog Bed. To determine which is right for your dog, check out this handy guide!

When choosing a size for your pup, make sure to look at the measurements and measure them up in your house for what suits. Some pups like little beds whereas others like to spread out, so keep this in mind. If you are unsure, it's usually better to go with the bigger size.

Cuddle bud dog bed size guide.

Snuggle Bud Dog Bed Size Guide Chart


Pawfect Pals offers two types of lead: the vegan leather lead and soft lead.

Vegan leather dog lead size guide.

Soft dog lead size guide.


Our dog bandanas come in two sizes and tie around the neck. Like with the previous products, make sure to put two fingers between the measuring tape and your puppy to make sure the bandana won’t be too tight!

Dog bandana size guide.

Fur-Mama T-Shirts

Custom printed t-shirts for our fellow fur mamas!

T-shirt sizing guide.

Cat Collars

Our vegan leather cat collars are fully adjustable, and fit necks 12 - 25 cm in diameter.


Designed to fit over a Pawfect Pals collar, bow-ties are one-size-fits-all. Easy!


This one’s for humans!
The bracelets fit all wrists 12 - 25 cm in diameter.


We hope this Pawfect Pals ultimate dog accessory size guide has answered any questions you may have.

If you’re still unsure about sizes, contact us, and we’ll be glad to help.

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