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Neck measurements are very different for collars and harnesses.
Please check your dog against both product sizing guides.
Before ordering please ensure that you check your dog's measurements with the sizing guidelines below. 
Your dog's size may not be the same as what it is in other brand's products, so it is important that you measure accurately and leave a two finger gap for comfort.
If you are ever unsure of which size to pick, feel free to measure your pup and contact us for support.



Please note these collar sizes are measured from the first hole to the last hole.
Make sure you measure your dogs neck, not their existing collar. 
If your dog is still growing, we definitely recommend choosing the next size up if they fall between two sizes.

L: 15-23cm  |  W:  1.5cm
L: 23-30cm   |   W:  1.5cm
L: 28-35cm   |   W:   2cm
L: 33-40cm   |   W:   2cm
L: 38-46cm   |   W:  2.5cm
L: 43-51cm   |   W: 2.5cm
L: 48-56cm   |   W: 2.5cm
L: 53-63cm   |   W: 2.5cm

Reversible harnesses

When measuring for a harness, please check the base of your dog's neck and the widest part of their rib-cage, right behind their front legs (see photo below). If your dog falls between two sizes, it is usually best to choose the size up.
Also take into consideration your dog's head circumference as the harness will need to be put over your dog's head. 

 XXS= Neck - Up to 24cm | Chest - 29cm - 37cm
XS = Neck - Up to 26cm | Chest - 37cm - 43cm
S = Neck - 27cm - 32cm | Chest - 43cm - 52cm
M = Neck - 33cm - 34cm | Chest - 48cm - 62cm
L = Neck - 35cm - 38cm | Chest - 55cm - 72cm
XL = Neck - 39cm - 44cm | Chest - 61cm - 84cm
    XXL = Neck - 45cm - 51cm | Chest - 73cm - 102cm


Our pup bandanas come in two sizes and tie around the neck. When measuring, please ensure to allow for two fingers to fit between the measuring tape and dog's neck. They can also be wet and put in the bandana can also be used in summer time to cool-off your pups, simply by wetting it and placing it in the fridge for 10 minutes.
S/M = Fits up to 35cm
M/L = Fits up to 65cm


Our bow-ties are one-size-fits-all and are designed to slip over your dog's collar.



We have a range of leads available to suit you and your pup. Some of the leads we have available are 'OG' leads; these come in two sizes.
'Classic' which is 180cm in length with thick cruelty free leather and nylon and slightly larger hardware and 'Mini' which has slightly smaller hardware and a length of 130cm.

Our Soft Leads are made out of high quality polyester and are 150cm in length. They are great as an everyday lead!

Classic 'OG' Lead 

L: 180cm   |   W:   2.5cm   

Mini 'OG' Lead

L: 130cm   |   W:   2cm 

Soft Lead 

L: 150cm   |   W: 2cm

Cat Collars

Our cat collars fit necks from 12cm and can fit up to 25cm.



All of our matching bracelets for humans are one-size fits all.
The smallest hole measures to 12cm and can fit wrists up to 25cm.