Does Your Dog Need a Calming Dog Bed?

You’ve probably heard again and again about the importance of choosing a calming dog bed. This description is common, yet the explanation for what defines a calming bed is often lacking. The truth is that selecting a dog bed that will provide your puppy a sense of safety, security and comfort is important, whether they show signs of anxiety or not. To pick the perfect dog bed, however, we must go beyond a product’s name.

In this article, we’ll look at what defines a calming dog bed, the benefits of different styles, as well as other factors to consider when choosing the best bed for your pup.

What is a calming dog bed?

As we mentioned above, a calming dog bed is defined by more than a name.

Dogs love the feeling of being held. It reminds them of what it was like to be a puppy, surrounded by their mother and siblings. As with most animals (including humans), those early experiences shape what it means to feel safe for the dog’s entire life.

The best dog beds are designed to recreate that feeling. They do so through three key features:

  1. A soft cover made from material that provides year-long comfort,
  2. Firm or raised edges that allow them to rest their head, and
  3. Supportive inner material that adjusts to make the dog feel like they're getting a big hug!
You Give me Butterflies Cuddle Bud Dog Bed
You Give me Butterflies Cuddle Bud dog bed.

Styles of calming dog bed

While there are a range of dog beds that tick one or two of these boxes, Pawfect Pals offers two popular styles that are designed to include all three features.


Available in our Cuddle Bud Dog Bed range, round dog beds are ideal for dogs that like having full view of the room while still enjoying the calming feeling of being hugged. On a round bed with flexible inner material, your dog can shift positions as much as they like while still having a spot to rest their head.

Round dog beds are great in hot environments, as the large surface makes it easy for your pup to keep cool without leaving the bed. Of course, the best beds will be made from a material suitable for every season. Ours, for instance, are made of velvet, which keeps dogs cool in summer and warm in winter. Perfect for our Aussie pups!


Rectangular beds, such as those from our Snuggle Bud Dog Bed range, feature lifted edges for puppies that prefers a firmer surface to place their head. The cushioning should be snuggling and supportive to keep your dog protected from the cold floor or a chilly draft.

One of the best features offered by some rectangular beds is a reversible cushion featuring a different material, so you can find out what your dog prefers. We chose a faux-fur underside to give your dog an even closer experience to the good old days of snuggling up with mum!

Sunshine on my Mind Snuggle Bud Dog Bed
Sunshine on my Mind Snuggle Bud dog bed.

Other factors to consider

Year-long comfort, style and support may be the three key features of a calming dog bed, however they’re not the only ones. Here are a few more we recommend you keep in mind:

A washable cover - Every dog ends up with dirty paws now and again. If that dirt ends up on the bed, it’s important to be able to remove the cover, put it in the wash, and have the bed looking and smelling fresh again in no time!

Quality interior material - It doesn’t matter how cute a dog bed looks if it doesn’t provide proper comfort. Make sure you know what interior a bed uses before making a purchase. At Pawfect Pals, we use worsted yarn – a material so cosy it’s used in knitted garments.

Tear resistance - If your dog decides to go digging in their bed, it’s always good to know they won’t rip it apart. Low quality material and poor design can result in a bed being reduced to fluff in no time!

Size - Measuring your dog is a critical step in picking the right bed, and so is considering how your dog likes to sleep. Some big dogs really love to snuggle up even on a warm night, while some little dogs like to stretch out from end to end! Pick a size appropriately.

Follow this guide, and we’re sure your dog will be happily snoozing the day away in no time!

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