What Makes Pawfect Pals Pet Accessories Different?

When we launched Pawfect Pals in 2017, we made a promise never to compromise on quality. While it's important that our dog accessories are affordable, what matters most of all is that they keep your pups safe, secure and happy.

We've grown in many ways since then, yet our promise remains the same. Below are nine ways in which our commitment to delivering the best products every time sets us apart from the rest.

We make products for both pets and their humans in the same designs!

Pawfect Pals is a celebration of the unconditional love and friendship between dogs and their human families. To represent this, we offer products for both pups and people in the same designs! Whatever accessory you pick for your pet, you'll be able to grab a hair ribbon or bracelet in the same style. Pretty cute, right?

AmbassaDOG Lilo in Sunshine on my Mind reversible harness with matching vegan leather lead and hair ribbon.
AmbassaDOG Lilo and her friend Chloe matching in their Sunshine on my Mind - Birds accessories.

Our products are unique, and each has a story behind the design!

Pawfect Pals designs are 100% original, and each has a special story behind it. For instance, Sunshine on my Mind was inspired by our dog Lilo's ability to light up a room, while Zoomies celebrates every pup's desire to suddenly do laps around the house! We know dog lovers can relate to all the stories behind our designs, which is why we share them on product pages.

All sizes of a product are sold at the same price!

We don't think it's fair when larger breeds are charged extra for the same product. Whether they're a Pomeranian or an Anatolian Shepherd, each dog deserves beautiful accessories that won't break the bank. That's why all of our individual harnesses, collars and leads are available at the same price, no matter the size.

AmbassaDOGs Teddy and Sonic wear their matching Shell Yeah - Ocean Waves no-pull adjustable harnesses.
AmbassaDOGs Teddy and Sonic wear their matching Shell Yeah - Ocean Waves no-pull adjustable harnesses.

Our products are cruelty free!

It's important to us that our products are cruelty free and environmentally sustainable. Our collars, leads and bracelets are made from vegan PU leather, offering the same high quality as traditional leather while being a friendlier option for our other four-legged friends. We're also committed to making all our packaging environmentally friendly, with more improvements to be made very soon.

Our attention to detail is second to none!

Every aspect of every product is considered for months before it's made available on the site. Whether it's picking the perfect finish for an adjustable harness' hardware, or selecting the best type of dog bed to keep your pup comfy in the Aussie climate, we consider every angle to deliver the best products we can.

AmbassaDOG Bertie in his Zoomies no-pull adjustable harness.
AmbassaDOG Bertie in his Zoomies - Walkies no-pull adjustable harness.

We handle customer service personally!

Our customer service isn't outsourced. When you reach out to us via the website's chat feature, social media, or email, you're talking to a member of the Pawfect Pals family. We know our products inside and out, and care deeply about you and your pet's happiness. It's something we pride ourselves on, and that will never change.

We have nearly 1000 (and climbing) customer reviews!

We can talk about our high level of service all we like, yet nothing speaks to it better than our review page. We have received hundreds of reviews from verified buyers who absolutely adore the products they've purchased.

Rollo in his My First Mate reversible harness.
Rollo in his My First Mate reversible harness.

We offer dog beds in the same designs as the rest of our products!

While other brands offer dog beds, Pawfect Pals is unique in that our dog beds are available in the same designs as the rest of our dog accessories! It's another reminder of our dedication to quality in everything we offer.

We offer flexible payment options!

Sometimes, a product you simply must have drops at the worst time for your wallet. For times like these, we offer flexible payment via Afterpay to all Australian customers.

As you can see, from our product ranges to our customer service, Pawfect Pals offers only the best for you and your fur-babies. Nothing matters more to us.


  • Chelsea

    I am beyond happy I stumbled across your website! Such gorgeous designs and styles. You popped up on my instagram during the Black Friday sales – how could I not buy anything?! I will confess, we don’t even have a dog yet but I’ve bought some pieces to be prepared 🫣 and of course some Xmas presents!

  • Sharlene

    Stumbled across your website by accident but what an absolute blessing! Have just placed a second order. Beautifully crafted with so many stunning patterns, perfect sizing. Question is now – how many Pawfect Pal bundles are too many for my pampered pup??

  • Bertie Boy

    Your customer service is incredible and it always has been. Ever since the start your packages have always come so quickly and the products are incredible. You guys do any amazing job!

  • Bolonka_sam

    We love all of your products and the great service ❤️🥰
    Thank you very much for doing everything to make the dogs and their two-legged friends happy 😇😍

  • Tania

    We love so many of the designs and it’s awesome you can buy bundles of matching items, love the beds too it’s Jazz’s new favourite. We have to agree all products are get quality and very reasonably priced.

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