Keep Your Dog Looking Fresh With These Springtime Designs!

The sun is rising earlier each day. Temperatures are ticking up. Trees are turning a luscious green once more. It can only mean one thing: spring is around the corner!

The season of nature and beauty, the first thing many of us are likely to do is rearrange the wardrobe and introduce some more colour into our outfits. Why shouldn't our dogs enjoy the same luxury when it comes to their accessories? Isn't it time the cool designs of winter make way for fresh, springtime styles that celebrate what makes this time of year so magical?

Below, we'll be taking a look at three designs that we feel capture the essence of spring. Available across our entire range, they're bound to make your pup the talk of the park!

Pick of the Bunch

Two dogs wearing Pick of the Bunch reversible harnesses

One of our favourite things about springtime walks is seeing the flowers bloom. Have you ever noticed how much dogs seem to enjoy it too? Do you think it's the fragrance or the bright colours that make them eager to check out every blossoming bud in their path?

Either way, Pick of the Bunch is a vibrant design perfect for the dog that loves to connect with the beauty and the energy of the season. The bold pink tones suit both girls and boys (just ask our AmbassaDOG, Bertie), and compliment the soft blues, oranges and purples you'll find on the harness's reverse side.

Australian Beauties

Dog Wearing Australian Beauties reversible harness and bandana

Australian Beauties is a cute and colourful celebration of our native flora and fauna. A subtle option featuring a palette inspired by the warm tones of this sunburnt country, it's a popular choice for the dog that's proud to call Australia home.

Whether your fur baby prefers the pattern featuring other fur babies such as kangaroos and koalas, or the green of floating gum leaves, both are stunningly accented by the design's gold hardware.

You Grow Girl

Dog wearing You Grow Girl reversible harness

Does your puppy prefer a design that is eye catching, yet restrained enough to be suitable for any occasion? Then You Grow Girl is what you're looking for. This blooming bouquet of tulips and daisies is as precious as the love we share with our dogs.

You Grow Girl is so versatile many people who buy the collection also purchase a dog bed in the design. With its clean, white base complemented by a touch of rich, complementary colour, it transforms any room into a peaceful sanctuary.


We hope you've found our springtime style guide helpful! Let us know what design your pup will be wearing this season in the comments, or tag us in a pic on Instagram - @pawfectpalsau

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