Meet Pawfect Pals AmbassaDOG Bertie!

If you’ve been following Pawfect Pals for a while now, you’re probably familiar with the gorgeous faces of our ambassaDOGS. These dogs embody exactly what the Pawfect Pals brand stands for: love and unconditional friendship.

After all these years, we thought it was finally time for you to meet them. Every now and then, our weekly posts will give you the opportunity to meet these furry bundles of joy and get to know them as we do.

First up is Bertie, the three-year-old cavoodle!

Pawfect Pals AmbassaDOG Bertie Some'Bud'y to Love Bowtie
Bertie in the Some'Bud'y to Love sailor bow

Bertie has been an ambassaDOG since he was a six-month-old puppy. We met his human, Emma, when she submitted him into our ambassaDOG search, and fell in love with him almost as quickly as she did when she first saw Bertie’s picture.

“My dog, my best friend, had passed away,” explains Emma. “As I have a chronic illness, I spend a lot of time in bed or on the couch and around the house in general. Without my best friend by my side, I was very lonely.”

At the suggestion of a friend, Emma decided it was time to bring a new dog into her life. Due to her quiet lifestyle, she decided a cavoodle would be a perfect fit.

“I saw Bertie’s picture and knew straight away he was my puppy,” says Emma. As it turns out, fate played a part in making sure the pair came together. Someone had already decided to raise Bertie as their own, yet they decided against it at the last minute.

A few weeks later, Bertie made the gigantic journey (at least for a puppy) from Bathurst, NSW to Central Queensland. From the moment they laid eyes on each other, Bertie and Emma have been inseparable.

Pawfect Pals AmbassaDog Bertie Australian Flora Snuggle Bud Dog Bed
Bertie on the Australian Flora snuggle bud dog bed

Emma describes him as a ‘velcro doggy’ who loves to let everyone know who’s really in charge.

“Bertie’s a creature of habit who loves his daily routine run to a tight schedule. While he’s generally a chill guy, he has a strong personality. When he wants something, he’s tenacious and will go after it.

“He’s also quite sassy! He has a very emotive face and is not shy about showing when he isn’t happy. We call him our ‘Chucky doll’ because he can pull some really evil looking faces that make us laugh every time.”

The only thing Bertie loves as much as Emma is sleeping. If you visit, you’re likely to find him snoozing away in his Pawfect Pals ‘Shell Yeah’ Cuddle Bud Dog Bed. He looks so good in (or on) blue!

AmbassaDOG Bertie Koalified Cuddler Dog Bed
Bertie on the Koalified Cuddler cuddle bud dog bed

Emma says Bertie is proud to be a Pawfect Pals AmbassaDOG.

“Pawfect Pals dog accessories are so beautiful! We adore their designs. They’re also resilient to dirt, sand, and anything else dogs love to play in, allowing Bertie to explore freely!

“The customer service is amazing and reliable too. Every order arrives quickly. Kyla and Ryan are fantastic to work with and they make modelling for them so easy and enjoyable. We love showing off their cute designs on Bertie’s Instagram - @mrbertiebrown.”

Now living in Brisbane, Bertie recently made his way down to Pawfect Pals HQ to strut his stuff in our new designs. Patient and always adorable, he’s the perfect model.


  • Judy

    Such a lovely heart warming story, I’m so happy Emma and Bertie found each other.

  • Maddy

    Aww such a lovely article about such a cute pooch 🥰🥰🥰 love his cheeky side 🤗

  • Maddy

    Aww such a lovely article about such a cute pooch 🥰🥰🥰 love his cheeky side 🤗

  • Sarah

    Bertie is such a cutie! It’s so lovely how dogs can make life so much better for people just by being there! It sounds like Bertie is just as awesome companion as he is model.

  • Sam_Bolonka

    Awww 🥰Such a beautiful and heartwarming story ❤️❤️❤️Love this ❤️❤️❤️and Bertie‘s cute face 😍

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