Pawfect Pals Pick the Perfect Colour for Your Pup! (Part Three)

Our favourite blog series is back! The idea is simple: we take three dog breeds, and, with the help of our AmbassaDOGs, pick which colour and design of Pawfect Pals pup accessories suit them best of all.

This time, however, we're adding a slight twist. Since this time of year is all about vibrant colours and natural splendour, we've decided to go with styles that not only represent everything that makes these breeds beautiful, but capture the spirit of spring in the process!

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Dachshunds wearing Pawfect Pals' pink You Give Me Butterflies range.

Colour: Pink
Recommended Style: You Give me Butterflies
Models: Remi and Ripley

Believe it or not, Dachshunds and the colour pink have quite a bit in common!

  1. They're both associated with affection. Dachshunds are well known for their loyalty and skills as a guard dog.
  2. They're both cute (you don't get a nickname like 'sausage dog' without earning it).
  3. They're both filled with a whole lot of energy!

Dachshunds AmbassaDOGs Remi and Ripley fit this description to a T. Lifelong friends who love spending time together and with their humans, they, like most Longhaired Dachshunds, are huge sweeties who love to have fun whenever and wherever they can!

The soft pink of the You Give me Butterflies range is perfect for Dachshunds. The design reflects the fluttery feeling all Dachshund owners get when spending time with their special pups, and looks striking no matter the colour of their coat. Plus, anyone who has spent spring in the garden with a Dachshund knows how much they enjoy chasing butterflies!

French Bulldog

French Bulldog and Pug wearing Pawfect Pals' rainbow Little Ray of Sunshine range.

Colour: Rainbow
Recommended Style: Little Ray of Sunshine
Model: Rick (with a special appearance from his brother, Morty)

We know, we know. Picking rainbow as a colour is cheating a little. Still, look at French Bulldog, Rick, here, and tell us he doesn't look incredible in his Little Ray of Sunshine harness and bandana. Judging by the big smile on his face, we bet he knows it too!

True companions at heart, French Bulldogs are cheeky little cuties that are the centre of attention wherever they go. They absolutely adore being treated like little kings and queens! Considering they're one of the most popular breeds in the world, it's no surprise they get a lot of love. They love giving it back too, which is why Rick always looks excited to get his photo taken!

We picked rainbow as the colour for French Bulldogs because these playful pups are very much like rainbows themselves. How? By bringing a smile to the faces of everyone lucky enough to see them!

Little Ray of Sunshine is a perfect design for French Bulldogs, whether they're black, blue, cream, fawn, pied, or brindle coloured like Rick. The 'cheeky' rainbow side of the harness helps them stand out (even more) in a crowd, while the unicorn pattern on the underside reflects the wonder and magic of this beautiful breed.

Cocker Spaniel

Cockerspaniel wearing Pawfect Pals soft blue Some'Bud'y to Love range.

Colour: Soft blues
Recommended Style: Some'Bud'y to Love
Model: Chloe

Did you know almost half the population of North America and Europe consider blue to be their favourite colour? Perhaps that's because blue represents so many things. While it may make some people think of a calm and peaceful sky, others may think of a deep, strong ocean. Whatever the case, and whatever the reason, blue is the colour that tends to make us feel most at peace.

That's why it's a great colour for Cocker Spaniels like Chloe here. These energetic yet gentle pups have a range of personalities, but any owner will tell you what happy, affectionate friends they are.

Picking the right shade of blue for Cocker Spaniels was tough. We considered the bold tones of the Raise the Woof range, or the striking blue of Koalified Cuddler. We ultimately went with Some'Bud'y to Love because the soft, gentle blues used in the design give us that serene, content feeling we get whenever we spend time with a Cocker Spaniel.


What colour dog accessory suits your dog’s breed? Let us know in the comments and we may feature your four-legged friend in part four of this series!


  • Sherron

    We love these blogs on colours. Ted looks lovely in so many colours because of his white floof; but we love the sunflower design/colours on him – it’s so cheerful. Piper suits pastels and shades of pink.

  • bolonka _sam

    Sam is a Bolonka Zwetna🐶
    We find all colors and accessories suit him 💜

  • Emily

    Perfect choice for dachshund! I am getting that set for my pup to match the treat pouch! 😍

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