Pawfect Pals Pick the Perfect Colour for Your Pup! (Part Two)

It’s back! We know you loved part one of our series on which colour of dog accessory suits your pup’s breed that we decided it was time for another round.

With the help of our resident Petsperts (and sweet stylings of our AmbassaDOGS), we selected three more Pawfect Pals styles, designs and colours we think best suit certain dog breeds. Let’s begin!

Golden Retriever

Pawfect Pals Golden Retriever Wearing Sunshine on my Mind Dog Bandana

Colour: White (with accents)
Recommended Style: Sunshine on my Mind
Model: Keira

The colour white represents many things: purity, goodness, softness, peace. It is many things because it is made up of many things, taking a part of each of them and combining it into something new and beautiful.

If we asked you what dog breed most resembles that combination of aspects, we’re sure the majority would pick the Golden Retriever. The perfect large dog for a family of any size, the Golden Retriever is a social, calm and trusting pup, making them a loving friend (but not much of a guard dog!).

Pawfect Pals AmbassaDOG Keira is the gold standard for the breed (pardon the pun). Obedient and confident, we get the feeling she loves the camera as much as it loves her.

Of course, our Sunshine on my Mind design was our first pick for Golden Retrievers. The blooming sunflowers look simply adorable set against the light and dark tones these pups come in, and the petals mirror the flowing hair that most distinctly sets the breed apart from others such as Yellow Labradors. The blue birds on the reverse side compliment their cheerful personalities as well.

Being white, they may quickly get a little dirty. Good thing the neoprene material makes them easy to clean!


Pawfect Pals Cavalier Wearing I Love You BEARy Much Reversible Dog Harness

Black (with accents)
Recommended Style: I Love You BEARy Much
Model: Deniki

In modern culture, the colour black has come to represent the opposite of what white represents. While that may be accurate on the colour spectrum, we shouldn’t be intimidated by it. Black is a symbol of power, authority, mystery, yet also serenity.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, traditionally referred to as Cavaliers, is a dog breed with all these qualities. With names derived from a Latin word associated with knights, and bred to closely resemble the dog that sat by the side of Charles II, King of England, Scotland and Ireland, they are as prestigious as dogs get!

That said, Cavaliers come with little of the pomp (or the drama) of royalty. As confident as they are loving, they can adapt to any situation with ease. That is certainly the case for Deniki, who took to modelling for us like a true professional!

I Love You BEARy Much is a perfect design for cavaliers, no matter which of the four colour patterns your furry friend has. The black and white blend into their coats, while the mystical and relaxing images (bears climbing to the moon on one side, paw prints on the back) represent exactly how far a Cavaliers’ love for their human will take them in life.

Jack Russell Terrier

Pawfect Pals Jack Russell Terrier Wearing Pick of the Bunch Reversible Harness

Recommended Style: Pick of the Bunch
Model: Jessie

We discussed this long and hard, and only came to a conclusion after careful consideration. It surely comes as a surprise to many, but hear us out.

Pink is such a rarity in nature that the English language didn’t have a word for it until the 17th century, when Renaissance artists began including it in paintings! Hard to believe, isn’t it, considering its undeniable beauty? In Asia, languages had many names for the colour, yet many used it to represent the innocence and energy of youth.

As a breed, Jack Russell Terriers represent both a natural rarity and the feisty temperament of a dog that loves to live life to the fullest! Bred so that their white fur would stand out in forests and fields, and stand out they did. So much so that all types of terriers are often mistaken for Jack Russells (perhaps because of the lovable Eddie from the TV show Frasier).

There’s no mistaking a Jack Russell Terrier’s boundless enthusiasm though. Extremely intelligent and athletic, they want nothing more than to play, play, play! Just ask Jessie’s human, who most days is run off their feet well before Jessie is ready to call it a day.

We chose Pick of the Bunch as the design that looks best on Jack Russell Terriers, with the soft colours complimenting their fur tones and the pink flowers representing their wild and adventurous spirits.


What colour dog accessory suits your dog’s breed? Let us know in the comments and we may feature your four-legged friend in part three of this series!


  • Emma

    So many cute amazing dogs here. Love this blog!

  • Stevie

    So many gorgeous pups here looking absolutely fabulous! It’s not possible to look bad in your range though 😘

  • Toro & Lulu

    So many different colours to choose from, we are spoilt for choice!

  • Sherron

    Having been a Jack Russel owner for many years, you have summed up this beautiful breed perfectly. Our gorgeous Jack Russell had boundless energy and loved every minute.

  • Jess

    The cutest designs, loving these blog posts! ❤️

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