Our AmbassaDOGS

Check out our amazing AmbassaDOGS!

We partnered up with the cutie-pies below because of their gorgeous faces, irresistible personalities and ability to embody exactly what the Pawfect Pals brand stands for; love and unconditional friendship.


Get to know Pepper:

Hi there fellow pups! My name is Pepper and I am a gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier. My favourite food is chicken and rice, but I have a real sweet spot for peanut butter (YUM!). My mum and I absolutely adore the ‘Cheeky’ Pawfect Pals pair because the colours are so vibrant and, of course, I am a little bit cheeky myself. My mum and I are true best friends; we do everything together! We take selfies, sleep in the same bed and love each other unconditionally. We are so lucky!


Get to know Winston & Willow:

Hello there! We are Winston and Willow and we are very special pups. To start with, I, Willow, am a Great Dane X Mastiff, whereas my bro Winston is a real mix; he is a Great Dane X Bull Mastiff X Bull Terrier X Rottweiler X Boxer X Miniature Bull Terrier. Can you believe it? I, Winston, absolutely LOVE sleeping – I reckon I could break a world record – and Willow’s fave thing is spin in turbo-circles in her shell pool, as well as bark at the cat. As you can tell we are very different, but the main thing that we have in common is how much we love our Mum. I, Willow, always picked my mum, from the very beginning. I was the one who sat at her feet and came to her everytime. I am really lucky that I picked her because I am a very expensive dog with all of my vet bills and she takes really good care of me. I am her velcro pup and will never leave her side. I, Winston, was my mum’s birthday present and ever since the beginning have curled up on her chest to sleep and will always protect her to the end of the earth. Introducing the newest member of the w.pups family, saving_sophie!


Get to know Yogi and Lilo:

Hi there, my name is Lilo and the cutie behind me is my bro Yogi. My favourite food is chips and my fave thing to do is play ‘rip the tissue box’ and 'steal everything'. The bond that the both of us, my dad and my mum share is super special because we belong together – no matter if they’re at work, overseas or sitting right beside me, our friendship is unconditional and full of love, laughter and cuddles.


Get to know Frankie:

 Hi, I’m Frankie the French Bulldog, I like to sleep, eat, play repeat. I love cuddles and chewing on my antler. Mum and I share a love of clothes, I even have my own closet. My fave food is yoghurt and we love everything about summer, my family waterski’s and I love days out in our boat. My mama and I share a special and unique love, I follow her everywhere and she rewards me with lots of kisses. Mum originally wanted a girl puppy but when she seen me she just couldn’t resist my good looks and charm.