Pawfect Pals Brand Representative Contract


We are so happy and proud to have you on our team! We have chosen you because we love you and your feed. We know that you will be an amazing asset to our brand and we thank you so much for your commitment. As a brand representative, you will be provided with a 10% discount code to share with your followers and your own exclusive 30% discount code, plus many more opportunities. You will also be supplied with some new products as they arrive, as well as 10% of each sale that uses your code. In return you will need to provide us with high-quality images shared on your Instagram with your discount code listed. Tik Tok & Facebook are both encouraged but optional platforms you can post on too but Tik Tok is heavily encouraged as we have just started here and are trying to grow!

You will be placed on a contract period that will begin on the date below. This is a 4 month contract that will end on the 10th of November with possible extension. When the contract is approaching end, we will discuss with you your interest in continuing on as an AmbassaDOG, as well as review your overall activity and commitment to ensure the best steps are taken for everyone involved. We consider you part of our Pawfect Pals’ family. We would love to keep our AmbassaDOGs on for as long as possible, but as a small business, it is very important to us that our AmbassaDOGs accurately represent and genuinely support our brand. Your photos/posts/stories should reflect positively on our brand in order to enhance our brand awareness and encourage dog lovers our way. If you are unable to maintain your commitment to Pawfect Pals or require some flexibility, please let us know.

Overview of what you will be provided as an AmbassaDOG (as of your contract start date)

  • A selection from our new product range launching in October 2020
  • 10% of the total sale price (less shipping) of ANY sale that uses your discount code
  • A personal use 30% discount code
  • Your picture and Instagram handle displayed in our highlights on our Instagram
  • Our support on your Instagram posts/stories, as well as occasionally referring our followers your way
  • The opportunity to appear on marketing materials, including flyers, advertisements, our website etc.


Overview of what you will provide Pawfect Pals as an AmbassaDOG

  • Photographs with our products – discount code included in the caption. We ask that you post a minimum of eight feed posts and eight story posts per month.
  • A personal review from you of our brand/products to display on our website
  • Display our code in your bio (unless otherwise discussed) and in any ‘Discounts’ highlights (if relevant)
  • Support in advertising current deals – whether it be on your feed or story, a post goes a long way in spreading the word
  • Support in advertising our presence at large pet related events (for example Melbourne Dog Lover’s Show)
  • Display our website link in your BIO
  • One video a month that can be for our Instagram, facebook ads or tik tik platforms

Photo requirements:

  • High-quality photographs that feature our products, ideally clearly displaying the logo (if relevant, particularly on harnesses)
  • We would like to start featuring the idea of ‘friendship’ more on our Instagram, so photos involving the owner/owner’s wrist in a bracelet or hair ribbon would be a nice inclusion
  • Please tag us not only in the caption, but also in the photo using the ‘Tag people’ button when posting to ensure we do not miss your feed posts

Terms of contract:

As a Pawfect Pals brand representative:

  • I will not slander or say any negative things on social media about Pawfect Pals as a company
  • I understand if I fail to follow the outlines of this contract without contacting Pawfect Pals my contract can be terminated
  • My contract is required to be reviewed and re-agreed at the end of each contract period
  • Pawfect Pals has the right to choose when and if they share my photos
  • Pawfect Pals may share customer/personal photos before ours
  • We ask that as one of our main differences is friendship bracelets, that you do not post any similar products from other companies during your contract period.


The contract will begin on the 10th of July 2020 and will be reviewed on the 10th of November 2020.