What makes us different?

How is Pawfect Pals different from other dog accessory brands?

It’s a good question. Over the past few years, the number of companies that focus on our pups has risen immensely. The moment Pawfect Pals was even a thought in my mind, I knew that it would be my mission to make it different from other brands. Many pet accessory businesses take one of two routes – being deluxe or being affordable; when creating our products I decided that we were going to be a brand that does both.

Another element in which I could not look past was that of developing high-quality products that were free from animal-cruelty. That is why every single one of our products that requires a leather-look and feel, including our collars, bracelets, leads and logos, is made with the highest quality cruelty-free PU leather. The type of cruelty-free leather that we source and use for our products looks, feels and lasts like real leather. This means that while you can pat yourself on the back for doing the right thing by all animals, your pup now also has a product that is comfortable, ethical and long-lasting.

Our reviews and prices speak for themselves but here are the specifics that make
Pawfect Pals different from the rest:

One of our biggest differences
We don’t just create dog accessories; we embrace the element of friendship and provide
matching accessories for the humans too!

Collars and bracelets
As mentioned above, each collar and bracelet is made from the highest quality cruelty-free PU leather. There are many types and levels of quality PU leather available. Before launching our first range of products, we tested our designs on several types of PU leather until coming across a type that is of such a high-quality, it is used for designer handbags and suitcases. When seeing our designs on this smooth, strong and flexible material we knew that this quality would be near impossible to beat. Other than our high-quality cruelty-free PU leather, another aspect which makes our collars and bracelets different is that we use top of the range gold/rose-gold plated hardware to ensure that the products look high-end and stay strong. Our newest range of collars are also topped off with a gold/rose-gold plated Pawfect Pals charm so that the luxurious feel is strengthened even further. The last aspect I will mention about how our collars are different is that WE ARE ONE OF VERY FEW BRANDS THAT FIT VERY SMALL AND VERY LARGE DOGS. Our 8 sizes cover all the way from 15cm-63cm and we haven’t met a pup yet that doesn’t fit!


Reversible harnesses and Strap harnesses
We wanted our harnesses to be affordable. A lot of high-end harnesses feature unique, clean designs and gold or rose-gold plated hardware, but easily cost buyers upwards of at least $60. Our harnesses feature all of the mentioned elements, but with a price tag that is fair and affordable. Reversible harnesses are designed in ways that fit most dogs, but for some very large dogs the design of the harness does not support their strength and size. Some brands only offer that type of harness, but to ensure that each dog is catered for, we incorporated strap harnesses into our collection that also feature the high-end hardware.


Our leads are one of a kind. It is hard to explain exactly what makes our leads steps above the others but the moment you see and touch one, the difference is clear. With high-quality cruelty-free PU leather handles and connections, nylon length and gold/rose-gold plated hardware, a Pawfect Pals’ lead looks and feels high-end and exquisite.


Our bandanas are made to fit teeny pups to very large pups, and with some creativity and dog-obsessed minds, also have become head-bands and arm-bands for humans. Our bandanas are made from a breathable material, rather than heavy materials, so that your dog stays nice and cool in the summertime. They also act as cooling-bandanas so that on those hot days, you can wet the bandana, throw it in the freezer for 10 minutes and wrap it round your pup’s neck to cool them right down.


We wanted our bow-ties to look and feel amazing. Sometimes owners find that putting bow-ties on their pup makes them uncomfortable and even irritates their fur due to their heaviness and Velcro secures. We have ensured that our bow-ties will not only make your pup look great, but feel great too, by picking a material that is light-weight, yet strong and changed the secures from Velcro to elastic.  



Combining the elements of luxury, affordability and cruelty-free, and adding our own twist of fun and style, has been a long process ever since designing our first line of friendship bracelets, collars and leads. I cannot measure the time and effort put in to our original products and new collections by a clock, instead I will just say that many late nights, weekends, lunch breaks, spare seconds, tears and 2am light-bulb moments went into the design and development of each Pawfect Pals creation.

Now that our new launch has happened, I can say that I know it will all be worth it because I believe that our products are beautiful, unique and are going to make pups all over the world wag their tails.

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