Introducing Personalised Toy Boxes 2.0

AmbassaDOG Henry checks out the toys in a Pawfect Pals personalised toy box.

Exactly one month ago, we released personalised toy boxes for the first time. They ended up being extremely popular, and we were sure you'd love the way they looked as much as we did.

Unfortunately, there were a few cases where the personalised print was being damaged during delivery, due to the sensitivity of the personalised print. Rather than take a risk that this issue would continue to impact a minority of purchases, we made the decision to update the personalisation to ensure it looks beautiful and transports well.

What that means

We've removed the option of adding a heart or bone background for the text and replaced it with a coloured border so that your pup's name still pops! We've also made the text bigger to make use of the additional space.

New personalisation options

The personalisation options have now changed for the four available designs. They are:

Sunshine on my Mind

  • Aqua text with black border
  • Gold text with black border
  • Rose gold text with black border

Zoomies - Terrazzo

  • Aqua text with black border
  • Gold text with black border
  • Rose gold text with black border

You Give me Butterflies

  • Gold text with white border
  • Pink text with white border
  • Rose gold text with white border

I Love You Beary Much

  • Black text with gold border
  • Gold text with black border

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products and only sell what we know will meet our extremely high standards, which is why we've made this change. We hope you love the new style!

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