Supporting Aussie Wildlife

Bushfires are burning across critical koala habitat and a large number of koalas are believed to have perished across key sites such as Port Macquarie and the Gold Coast Hinterland. Many others will have been left homeless and likely suffering from smoke inhalation or burns. All our support is needed to help restore homes and care for injured wildlife.

We have been planning the 'Koalified Cuddler' designs since June, but it just so happens that our launch is happening during one of the most devastating events in this beautiful animal's history. We are two everyday people, going to our full-time jobs during the week whilst living up our passion of dogs every spare second of everyday, but because we have a platform where we may be able to make a small difference, we feel that we must do our part to support our Australian koalas.

$3050 has been raised!

Thank you for supporting our little brand and our Australian wildlife.


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