Pawfect Pals Reborn!

Hi pals,

To say I’m excited to talk about this rebrand is an understatement. I have never felt as strongly about Pawfect Pals as I do now. Before I begin, I beg of you, if you missed my last message about my journey with Pawfect Pals, PLEASE CLICK HERE AND READ IT NOW! It will help piece together everything I am about to say.

You’ve read it? Great. Here goes…

When beginning this rebrand, I wanted to think about every last touch. I started with writing out a statement to myself about what Pawfect Pals is as a brand. I’m going to share it with you. It’s a bit long, but please bear with me. This has been directly cut and paste from a Google doc I created on the 6th of July at 10:36pm.

"When you come onto the Pawfect Pals website, you immediately get the sense that you’re shopping with a brand that legitimately cares about you and your dog. You can tell straight away that this brand takes pride in their business and products - they’re genuine. You can tell that each and every product is well thought out and valued. The business loves this product - they think it is amazing and you should too. When you go onto a collection page you get excited. Multiple products jump out at you because the product photography is so well thought out and truly celebrates the design. These products, this design, will be a part of your core memory of your dog in years to come. It adds to their personality, it celebrates it, unlike any others. Once you purchase, every update you get is genuinely hyping you up and thanking you from the heart of the business. When you open your parcel, it is filled with not only the accessory you ordered, but a legitimate feeling of thankfulness and joy. When you receive emails from us in weeks and months following your purchase, you open them up and read them because there is always something worth reading in every email. You follow the brand on social media because you simply think they do good work and you’re interested in if they will bring out something that will bring you back that feeling you got when you laid your eyes on your faves the first time. You care about this brand because they care about you and your dog.”

Writing this that night and reading it back to myself empowered me. It drove the rest of the rebrand. I rethought EVERYTHING to reflect this statement. We’ve redone the photography on our website, created a video to communicate our brand message out, re-thought the fonts, the colours and our voice.

We picked the colours based on colour theory. Pink means femininity, youth and playfulness, purple means creativity and luxury, and orange means friendliness - all the things that our brand embraces!

My favourite thing about our rebrand is our new photography. WOW is the only word to describe it. Not to toot our own horn or anything, but our products are B-E-A-UTIFUL!

You’ll also see that our social media is changing too. You’ll be seeing Yogi, Lilo and myself on it a whole lot more, plus fun quizzes, games and content from our amazing AmbassaDOGs. 

This rebrand was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. Not because of the workload, or the long hours. I was more than happy for those things. It was hard because I am hard on myself! I need to be an amazing mum. I need to be the best dog mum. I need Pawfect Pals to thrive. At times, those three things didn't add up. I felt like a failure pretty much every day since I began this rebrand. When I was focusing on Pawfect Pals, I felt like a bad mum and dog mum. When I was focusing on Caleb, I knew that the brand was suffering. And on days I managed to nail the balance between taking care of my son and rebuilding the brand, I felt like I was letting the dogs down. It has been a struggle and, as it goes with life, this wasn’t even all we had on our plates. Now I can say with my whole heart, that I am proud of Pawfect Pals again, I have balance back in my life and feel like the mum and dog mum I need to be for my babies.

We would love for you to take the time to check out our new website and social media channels. We're on Insta, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and even Youtube. We would adore it if you follow us there if you haven't already, so you can share your pup in our gear and we can share it on our page.

We thank you so much for supporting our small business and sticking with us through all of our eras.

With love and wagging tails,
Kyla x

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  • Fiona

    I just love your designs, with my favourite being the butterflies as they remind me of my beloved mum who passed away when I was 17 (more than 35 years ago now). I was walking my two pawfect fur babies after my brain aneurysm and stroke after several months of GARU (geriatric & brain injury rehabilitation to learn to walk and talk again) and finally managed to walk them by myself for 6 houses when a gorgeous blue butterfly flew around my head, I laughed to myself thinking “this must be my mum hopefully helping me through”[ – I’m doing well when the doctors said I was lucky to survive the 9hr problematic surgery where I suffered the stroke]. Well you can imagine me balling in joy on the second day then third day when a blue butterfly flew near my head at the same place six houses away from home attempting to walk my two doggies again. The butterfly stayed around my head & shoulder areas & I just knew my mum was with me:o) xox Anyway, that was more than 3 years ago and although I’m unable to return to work due to memory loss, panic attacks etc my soul place is renting and LIVING here on Bribie Island with my beloved fur babies Matilda and Lulu. I’m hoping and wishing that you will get back in the butterfly doggy doo-doo bags and possibly maybe will also consider making a joiner so I can have matching walking sets with the two girls walking together (as my Pablo butterfly joiner leash connector is wearing out.) I’d love to save and spoil them with your adorable new sets as soon as available. I look forward to walking them here on Bribie with their lovely bling sets. Matilda and Lulu will look strikingly gorgeous. (Matilda was attacked by a rottweiler on the beach last month and had her left kidney sliced in half & emergency operation removed at $9,600!!! but has healed up amazingly and has not lost her love of playing with other dogs – although her younger sister Lulu my anxious Cavoodle takes extra wide berths and barks at almost every other doggy after the attack. I’m hoping she will recover emotionally and build up her courage again to trust or at least stop barking at little (all) dogs.
    Please don’t stop what you have accomplished and continue to love our amazing fur pals. You are amazing!!!

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