Meet the Family

You know my name, you might even know my face. If you follow our socials, you would have heard my voice. But do you know much else about us?

We want to share with you all about our family. We’ve provided some personal photos and info below so that you can get a peek into the people’s lives who are behind Pawfect Pals.

Pawfect Pals co-founder, Kyla.

All about Kyla

Position in the biz: Human boss #1.

Roles in the biz: What you see is what I do. From everything to coming up with prints, the look of the website, the content of the socials, the look and the voice behind all we do.

Fave colour: Yellow, pink and a little bit of purple.

Fave food: Chocolate. Every day of the week.

Fave biz memory: Our first full-on harness launch. It was all the way back in 2017, but I remember the feeling of seeing so many Instafamous dogs decked out in accessories that I had worked hard on for months and months. It gave me the biggest buzz and made me believe in our brand.

Fave Pawfect Pals print: So hard. I won’t say my dog’s ones because then I’ll be a print-repeaterer 😂 I’ll say Got it Glowing On. It is the most colourful design we’ve had so far, and I LOVE IT!

Pawfect Pals co-founder, Ryan.

All about Ryan

Position in the biz: Human boss #2.

Roles in the biz: Keep the business on track with new orders, new designs and product creation.

Fave colour: Blue

Fave food: Pizza

Fave biz memory: When we bought the warehouse. It felt like an amazing achievement to get this business out of our home and into a home of its own.

Fave Pawfect Pals print: I Love You BEARy Much, because it is the ultimate dog print - paw prints everywhere!

All about Caleb (side note, he’s one-year old)

Position in the biz: The distractor. I need to make sure mum and dad remember I exist every. single. minute.

Roles in the biz: Accidentally deleting mum’s work, keeping the doggy models cute & chubby by dropping snacks off my high-chair.

Fave colour: Green

Fave food: Milk

Fave Pawfect Pals print: When I get walked around the warehouse I always try to pick out a You Give me Butterflies dog collar - so I think that's my fave.

Yogi with Kyla.

All about Yogi Bear

Position in the biz: Mental health support dog.

Roles in the biz: Letting people pat me, inspiring my mama with ideas for new designs, doggy model.

Fave colour: Brown, because my food is brown.

Fave food: I have to be on one food forever because I have bladder stones, but I dream of chimken (or chicken, as dad calls it).

Fave biz memory: When mum and dad gave away Easter doggy treats with all orders and I got to be the taste tester.

Fave Pawfect Pals print: Shell Yeah, or Don’t Worry, Don’t Hurry, because turtles and sloths are my spirit animals.

Kyla with Lilo.

All about Lilo

Position in the biz: The Real Boss.

Roles in the biz: Looking beautiful, being a queen, inspiring my mum with ideas for new designs, #1 Doggy model even though my lip gets stuck on my teeth.

Fave colour: Yellow, like the sun.

Fave food: Peanut butter

Fave biz memory: Getting to test out the Christmas Bauble toys - they don’t break, I tried.

Fave Pawfect Pals print: Sunshine on my Mind because I live for sunbaking. 

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