Hot Designs for Your Dog to Wear This Summer!

Picnics on the beach. Parties in the pool. Social events from sunrise to sunset. There's no mistaking it: summer has arrived!

The special time of year where many of us prefer to spend our time outdoors with friends, family and our dogs, summer is a season of love, happiness and adventure. The subtle floral patterns and soft, natural tones of spring make way for bolder, more daring colours that celebrate the unique joys of summertime.

To celebrate, let's take a look at three of our dog accessory designs that capture the energy and excitement of summertime!


Dog in Zoomies no-pull adjustable harness.

What is it about summer that gives us so much energy? Is it the warm temperatures? All the extra sunlight? The knowledge that the next big day out is just around the corner? Maybe it's a mix of all three, and a few other things as well. All we know for sure is that burst of energy is a magical thing!

There's no better example of it than zoomies - the result of a dog's sudden desire to sprint around the house. They go from 0 to 100 in a second flat. Zoomies usually occur around 3am, and always on the days you need to get up early. They can be annoying, but more than that, they are a curiosity. Why is it that our pets love to zoom?

Zoomies features a black and white spot pattern, with a variation that features both black and golden paw prints alongside the names of some of our pups' favourite things in the world, such as walkies, their toys and, of course, the love of their fur mamas.

Raise the Woof

Cute pup wearing Raise the Woof range.

Summer is a busy time of the year. We're always on the move. Raise the Woof is a design that celebrates the pups that love to move right alongside us, looking cute AF (as fluff) in the process!

The bright geometric print will make your dog the life of any party, while the deep and classy blue of the reversible harness' underside (and other products available in the range) are perfect for more relaxed events.

Raise the Woof is a gender-neutral design that suits any pup, no matter their style or personality.

Think Pretty Thoughts

Cavoodle Daisy in Think Pretty Thoughts range.

Naturally-toned floral patterns may be popular in spring, but that doesn't mean summer can't have its own flower power designs! Featuring deep pinks, yellows and blues, Think Pretty Thoughts is a cute yet fierce option for little girls with pretty personalities.

The range also has a pink dots variation, found on the underside of the reversible harness. Simple yet striking, it embodies the spirit of love that fills the air as we soak in summer evenings with those who matter most to us.


We hope our guide has helped you pick the perfect style for your pup to wear this summer. Let us know what your dog will be wearing this season in the comments, or tag us in a picture on Facebook or Instagram @pawfectpalsau.

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