Three designs to get your fur baby in the Easter spirit

Everybody and their fur babies love Easter! Sure, dogs may not be able to eat chocolate, but there's plenty more to love about this special time of year. In celebration, we've selected three of our designs we think best capture the Easter spirit while also being pawfect year-round additions to your pup's wardrobe.

Hippity Hoppity and Cuddle Bunny

AmbassaDOG in Cuddle Bunny Easter bandana

It makes to start with the most obvious - our Easter bandana designs! These cute-as-fluff designs feature a soft palette of reds, blues and greens inspired by the colours that bloom in local gardens and parks during the Easter season. They also, of course, have bunnies on them! Whether you associate these cute little creatures with chocolate treats or new life, they are an adorable addition.

Australian Beauties

AmbassaDOG wearing Australian Beauties dog accessories.

Did you know that many of the elements associated with Easter were inspired by international holidays celebrating life? Here in Australia, there's no better lives to celebrate than those of the stunning native creatures that call this land home. Decorated with koalas, wombats, kangaroos and echidnas against a backdrop of wattle, red gum and other Aussie flora, Australian Beauties is a stunning way to reflect on the beauty of life.

It also reminds us of one of our favourite Easter treats from childhood: Cadbury Furry Friends. We're sure many of you are nodding your heads right now at the memory!

Some'Bud'y to Love

AmbassaDOG in Some'Bud'y to Love dog accessories.

A four day holiday in the middle of autumn is the perfect excuse to spend some fun and laid-back time with friends and family. That's why our third pick for designs that capture the Easter spirit is Some'Bud'y to Love. With its soft, gentle tones, delicate florals and cute hearts, the design embodies everything that gives Easter such a peaceful and pleasant vibe.

What Pawfect Pals designs will your fur babies be wearing this Easter? Let us know in the comments!

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