Celebrating Pawfect Pals' Fifth Birthday!

Pawfect Pals co-founders Kyla and Ryan with their dogs, Yogi Bear and Lilo.

Pawfect Pals is turning five! To celebrate, let’s look back at how the story started and what the future holds for everyone in the Pawfect Pals family (that includes you).

This week, Pawfect Pals celebrates its fifth birthday!

Ryan and I are sitting in our new warehouse, hardly believing we’re writing those words. It feels like only yesterday we were lying on the lounge with our fur babies, Yogi and Lilo, thinking about how we could celebrate the unconditional love our furry bundles of joy had brought into our lives. We spent much of 2016 and 2017 testing materials, creating unique designs and making products that would keep dogs safe, secure and happy.

We started Pawfect Pals for them and for all the dogs who bring light and love into the lives of their humans every day. What started as an after-work passion project for the two of us has grown into a home for a team of eight, and a family for people and pups across Australia and even beyond!

This year has been our biggest yet. As I mentioned, we’ve moved into a new warehouse, grown the team, released five of our most popular designs ever (don’t worry, they’ll be back in stock soon) and continued to expand our products to suit every pet’s needs. Yes, that includes cats, even if I’m personally on team doggo.

We’re not done yet though! There’s plenty more coming this year, including new products, new designs and Christmas treats that will kick off the holiday season in style. We’re also exploring new ways to help the environment, whether through our packaging materials, or the way our products are made.

Most importantly, we’re focusing our efforts on connecting with you and every other member of the Pawfect Pals family. Our loyalty program will be returning, we’ll be giving you frequent behind the scenes peeks on our social channels and you’ll be hearing a lot more from me.

Family. It’s a term we use a lot. To us, family means love, respect and understanding. It means sharing a bond that runs deeper than words and lasts longer than life itself. To everyone who’s supported Pawfect Pals over the years. To those who are discovering us for the first time. To our team. To our baby boy, who arrived in October. To our fur babies. And to yours. Thank you. You are our family and we couldn’t do this without you.

Thanks for celebrating our birthday with us. Here’s to many more.

Kyla and Ryan Britten x

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