Meet AmbassaDOG Ted, the Trick-Loving Havanese with a Heart of Gold

Pawfect Pals AmbassaDOGS are selected not because they look cute dressed in our dog accessories (all dogs do), but because they embody the values at the core of our company: love and unconditional friendship. Getting to know them has made our lives better, and we believe it will make yours better as well!

So let’s introduce you to another of our furry friends: Havanese puppy Ted.

Ted came into the lives of his human, Sherron, and her husband at the time they needed him most. After the passing of their Maltalier, Ralph, they were trying to decide whether to find a new friend for JD, their Jack Russell. The dogs had been lifelong friends, and Sherron was concerned JD would be lost without a new companion.

Deciding to meet with a local breeder, the pair instantly fell in love with the friendly and energetic Ted. The same went for JD, who spent the rest of his life having fun with his new bestie.

Ted in the Infinity & Beyond Harness, with Matching Lead and Waste Bag
Ted in the Infinity & Beyond reversible harness, with matching leash and waste bag.

It’s a wonderful story... yet as it turned out, Ted wasn’t the most wonderful puppy. Actually, he was a little terror! At only six months old, he decided it was a good idea to eat rocks, which had to be surgically removed.

Shortly after, a trainer was hired to do one-on-one sessions with the cheeky boy, who ended up loving it so much Sherron decided to teach him some tricks as a fun bonding activity. Ted was eager to try everything, and quickly became a master. His favourite tricks are leaping (check him out on Instagram doing the ‘toilet paper challenge’) and waving his paws in the air like he just don’t care!

These days, Ted is so well behaved that nobody believes he was such a naughty pup! We certainly didn’t. The Ted we know loves relaxing drives in the car, meeting new dogs at day care (so long as they aren’t too big), getting hugs from his dad and sending himself to bed every night at exactly 9pm.

Ted in the Koalified Cuddler Cuddle Bud Dog Bed
Ted in the Koalified Cuddler cuddle bud dog bed.

Before he was an AmbassaDOG, Ted was a Pawfect Pals customer. Sherron says she was having a difficult time finding the right dog accessories to match Ted’s needs until she came across our brand.

“We fell in love with the designs, the quality, the fit and the matching accessories. He wears them every day. One of the things we love the most is how incredible the people behind Pawfect Pals are.  Their love of dogs is so evident in everything they do, and the customer service is outstanding.”

Ted owns, and has modelled in a range of Pawfect Pals designs, including Wild One and Don't Worry, Don't Hurry. His pick of the bunch, however, is Dreamy Days.

“Ted is a fun-loving boy who lives by the motto ‘real men wear pink’.  We love this design so much, we have the entire collection, including the gorgeous cuddle bud dog bed.  We also love what this design represents – the relationship between human and dog.”

AmbassaDOGS Ted and Piper in Dreamy Days Range.
Ted and his half-sister, Piper, in their Dreamy Days dog accessories.

Last year, another Havanese came to live with Ted – his half-sister, Piper. One of the newest AmbassaDOGS, Piper is a sassy and courageous dog who trains alongside her brother, and is excited to follow in his every paw print. The smiles on Ted and Piper’s faces once they master a trick are all you need to see to understand their love for one another.

“Ted and Piper are a perfect match, and together, we are all made for each other.”

Check out Ted on Instagram - @havanese_ted


  • Bolonka_Sam

    Such a beautiful Story. We are moved to tears. It was our best present on Instagram to meet Ted and his family. Even when we are miles away, our hearts are closely connected 💓💓💓

  • Sherron

    Thank you for the lovely blog featuring our fun loving Havanese fur babies. Ted and Piper love being a part of the Pawfect Pals family and wearing all of your amazing products.

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