Meet AmbassaDOG Sam, the Toy Poodle Obsessed With Cats

Pawfect Pals AmbassaDOGS are selected not because they look cute dressed in our dog accessories (all dogs do), but because they embody the values at the core of our company: love and unconditional friendship. Getting to know them has made our lives better, and we believe it will make yours better as well!

Today, we want to introduce you to one of our Toy Poodle friends, Sam.

It was fortune that brought Sam into the life of his fur-mama, Jo. You know how sometimes you meet a dog, and even though you only get time to say a quick hello as you pass on the street, the pup leaves a long-lasting impression?

Well that was the case for Jo when she went to her accountant's office, and met his Toy Poodle. The pup was so cute and friendly that, every now and then, Jo still found herself thinking about it. A year later, when she returned to see the accountant and was greeted by his pup, Jo decided she wanted one of her own.

"Go look at him!" she said to her husband (who was probably wondering how he was going to explain why he was there). He agreed, and went down to the office, where he met the accountant's wife.

"The man who works downstairs actually has Toy Poodle puppies for sale", the wife revealed. Jo couldn't get down the stairs fast enough. Not long after, Sam was welcomed into the family.

AmbassaDOG Sam in Raise the Woof reversible harness and lead.
Sam in the Raise the Woof reversible harness and matching lead.

Like most Poodles, Sam is a kind and intelligent pup who loves hanging out with the family. His favourite activities are those he can share with his human parents and sister, with fetch topping the list. After he's done for the day, you'll find him snuggling up with the family. No gap in the lounge or on the bed is too small for Sam!

It's not only humans that Sam has an affinity for. When we asked Jo what the funniest fact was about Sam, she instantly mentioned his obsession with cats! If they can't find him around the house, they know they'll find him at his sister's bedroom window, happily watching the neighbour's cat live its life. When they want him to come, they don't even need to call his name. Simply drawing the blinds will cause Sam to come running, wondering whether the new window will offer a better viewing angle. We hope Sam and the cat get to meet in person one day!

Sam in the Koalified Cuddler reversible harness.
Sam in the Koalified Cuddler reversible harness.

Blue god accessories compliment Sam's apricot fur perfectly, so it's no surprise you'll find him out and about wearing either our Don't Stop Be'Leaf'ing, Raise the Woof or Koalified Cuddler collections.

"Because Sam's so active, Pawfect Pals accessories are perfect for him", says Jo. "They can handle going to the beach, dog park or stand-up paddle boarding, and after a rinse, they're good to go again! Plus they're durable yet on trend with designs."

Want to see more of Sam? You can catch him on Instagram at @sam_our_toy_poodle


  • Maddy

    Aww sam is such a cutie pie ! What a funny little floof ! We love kitties too 🐢😻

  • Jo

    Thank you so much for featuring my fur baby Sam 😊 We love him so much & we are so proud to be an ambassador for your beautiful brand. Thank you for having us on the team πŸ˜€

  • Sherron

    This is such a beautiful story. Sam always looks so amazing in your accessories.

  • Bolonka_sam

    We also really hope that one day Sam will be able to meet the cat 🐱πŸ₯°πŸ’•
    Thanks for the nice story of how Sam came to live with his family😍

  • Jess P

    Aww Sam is such a cutie he looks amazing in these designs!

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