Koalified Cuddler - Koala Collar Bundle

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Lead Style
Collar Size

SAVE by buying this Koalified Cuddler Collar Bundle!

We know how much you guys love our Koalified Cuddler Koala design, so we've made it even easier and more affordable to get your pup suited up in this gear!

Product Bundle contains:

  • Koalified Cuddler Koala Collar
  • Koalified Cuddler Koala Leash 
    You pick the lead style. Choose from our OG mini or classic leads or our new soft lead
  • Koalified Cuddler Koala Bow that slides on over your pup's collar

Please ensure that you measure your pup against our size guide before choosing a sizing option. The harness sizes and collar sizes are very different, so please ensure you check the applicable guide.

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