Dog Mum Pamper Kit

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Being a dog mum can be hard work. Between the tearing up of couches, shoes and your garden and going to the toilet EVERYWHERE inside, your dog (no matter how much you love them) can make you go a little crazy!

If you have made your way to our website then firstly I need to say that you aren't just a regular dog are a cool dog mum! Showing how much you care for your pup by spoiling them with gifts and accessories really displays how much you love that pup of yours. To celebrate your commitment to your gorgeous pal, we are giving you this Dog Mum Pamper Kit from CLB LUXE absolutely FREE when you spend over $75!

Pamper Kit includes a luxurious Steam Eye Mask and a Gold Collagen Eye and Lip Mask kit which contains 5 eye masks and 5 lip masks. For more info on these incredible CLB products, read the descriptions and directions below.

So this mother's day, celebrate your dog mum status by spoiling both your dog and yourself with some goodies from us!

HOW TO REDEEM: When you spend $75 or more on our website, this CLB Dog Mum Pamper Kit will be automatically added to your order at the checkout! No need to add this item to your cart.



Our Gold Collagen Eye and Lip masks are designed to give you the ultimate spa experience by relaxing with both a set of eye & lip masks on. Gold Collagen Eye Masks are great for hydrating, depuffing, brightening under the eyes. Our Lip Masks are great for hydrating dry lips, bringing out your beautiful lip colour, and smoothing lines. Put these masks on while you are doing your makeup, relaxing in the bath, or for a fun girls night in.

Beneficial Ingredients Eye masks are enriched with collagen, hyaluronic acid (for healthy & supple skin), lavender oil (calming the skin), Aloe Vera (antioxidant & helps prevent wrinkles) , Vitamin E (antioxidant helping promote healthy cell function), Vitamin B3 (Helps prevent pigmentation), Seaweed Extract (full of vitamins & minerals, helps soothe & soften skin) Lip Masks are enriched with Collagen, Vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid, Aloe Extract.

Directions Eye Mask Make sure your face is clean and dry. Then apply Gold masks under your eyes, lay down and relax and let the eye masks work their magic for 25 minutes. Then remove to reveal hydrated, brighter and smooth under eyes.

Directions Lip Mask Apply Lip Mask to clean dry lips. Relax and leave on for 20 minutes. Then remove to reveal soft and hydrated lips.



Innovative single-use Steam Eye Mask uses gentle, warm steam to soothe tired eyes and relax tension Use anytime, anywhere - ideal for bath time, bedtime, travel, or after a long day in front of a computer screen or TV. Compact slim size is perfect for tossing in a handbag or overnight bag

Each single-use mask lasts for approximately 20-30 minutes.

The mask promotes:
instant relaxation
- helps you fall asleep easy
- soothes tired eyes
- soothes sore and strained eyes
- soothes dry eyes
- relieves visual fatigue
- softens the skin

Special Ear Strap Design Lightweight and Comfortable - Barely-there ear straps allow you to wear the mask sitting up or lying down, even on your side. - The mask starts to heat up as soon as you open the single-use packet. Just slip on, sit back, and enjoy!