Picking the Pawfect Harness for Your Pup

Walkies! It's the highlight of our dogs' day (and often ours too). Nothing beats the pleasure of a simple stroll through a local park, an adventure through new territory, or even a trip down the road. That's why making sure our pups are safe, secure and comfortable when out and about is so important! And it all starts with the harness.

At Pawfect Pals, we offer two types of harness - the reversible harness, and the no-pull adjustable harness. Not every harness is suitable for every dog though, so we're here to guide you through the process of finding the right one for your fur baby.

Why pick a harness over a collar?

Before we get to that though, let's address one of the most common questions we get: "Why do you recommend a harness over a collar and lead combo?"

While collars have their uses, there are three reasons we suggest dogs wear a harness while exploring the great outdoors.

    Safety. Say you're crossing the road, and your pup sees something they want to investigate in the middle of the intersection. Pulling back on the lead can cause the collar to hurt your dog's neck. Even a soft tug on the wrong angle can be very painful. A harness, however, restrains a dog by putting equal pressure across their chest.
      Comfort. Most dogs love the feeling of being wrapped up! Harnesses actually provide the same sense of security as a calming dog bed, and there's much less risk of irritation.
        Behaviour. Studies have shown that dogs walked on collars are more likely to develop behavioural problems that lead to health issues, such as back injuries and even muscular disorders. Scary stuff!

          What do Pawfect Pals harnesses have in common?

          Before we look at what sets reversible harnesses and no-pull adjustable harness apart, let's take a quick peek at what they have in common.

          Material. Both our harness styles are made with neoprene, a breathable material that keeps dogs cool and safe from irritation. We chose neoprene over the common polyester or nylon because those are more likely to cause chafing, knotting and general discomfort. This is especially true in winter, when your dog's coat is thicker and prone to matting.

          Hardware. High-quality clips and d-links (the clip that connects the lead to the harness) are key to keeping your pup safe and secure. Our harnesses use zinc alloy d-links, which are among the strongest and most wear-resistant available. Plus, they come in three different colours, chosen specifically to compliment each design!

          Strap positions. This one's very important! Our harnesses strap above your dog's shoulder joints and below the neck so they can walk without disrupting their gait. Harnesses that strap across the shoulder, or high on the neck, can restrict your pup's motion, causing pain, and even arthritis.

          They're also both super easy to wash. Bonus!

          The difference between reversible and adjustable harnesses.

          As I said earlier, different harnesses work better for different dogs. Let's talk a look at the differences, and why they matter.

          Placement of the lead clip. Reversible harnesses have a lead clip over your dog's back. No-pull adjustable harnesses have two clips: one over your dog's back, and one over the chest. The one on the back is perfect for pups who like to walk in front of or beside their humans, and is less likely to get tangled around their legs. The one on the chest is ideal for dogs who prefer to be lead or like to pull against their human, making them a really helpful, gentle training aid.

          Size. While both harness types come in a range of sizes and are adjustable at the waist, no-pull adjustable harnesses provide the greatest flexibility. That makes them particularly suitable for dogs who are still growing, as they adjust at both the neck and waist. As always, make sure to follow our size guide when deciding what size to choose.

          Designs. Every time your pup is wearing a Pawfect Pals product, we want them to be the talk of the park! Our reversible harnesses offer two cute and unique designs for your dog to strut their stuff in, while our no-pull adjustable harnesses come in 22 individual, eye-popping looks.

          So which should you choose? Whichever sounds most suitable for your dog. Consider their behaviour, their age, and size, along with their personalities and favourite colours, and you're sure to find one that suits them pawfectly! If you still can't decide though, just reach out. We're always happy to help.

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